Safety Matters

  • How important are parents at the stop?

    Safety awareness around the bus stop increases with the addition of adult supervision. When possible, accompany your children while they wait for the bus. Students are to be at the bus stop 10 minutes before the scheduled bus time in the morning, and adult receivers should be there 15 to 20 minutes before the scheduled bus time in the afternoon. Receivers who may be running late can get information about the bus location by calling 615-443-2622

    What are the big yellow and big red lights?

    The yellow lights are called the “Amber” lights. These lights are activated 200 ft. before each stop to let everyone know something is about to happen, we are preparing to stop. The “big red” lights will activate when the school bus comes to a complete stop and students are ready to board. Please be aware that children might be crossing the road and it is illegal to pass a school bus that is loading when the red lights are flashing and the stop arm is out. Motorists must stop and remain stopped until the bus driver turns off the big red warning lights which will indicate that the students are onboard and it is safe for the motorist to proceed on their trip. Under no circumstances will the driver motion for the motorist to continue.

    Let’s use these extra precautions.

    Please emphasize to students the importance of looking both directions for traffic, twice.

    Whether they are on the way to the bus stop, walking to school or being delivered to schools or bus stops anytime children are present, they are in danger and they are unpredictable. Sometimes kids have tunnel vision and they maneuver in between cars creating a hazard. Always be aware of your surroundings.

    If we are consistent in this process, we can ensure the safety of our students.  Thank you for your continued support.

    Parents/Guardians who need to add a student to transportation or change pick-up or drop-off locations must go through the student’s school office to make request.

    The school will confirm request with custodial parent(s)/Guardian(s) and check emergency contact information. The school will contact the transportation department with request for change.  Any time a request for deviation of a regular bus route is requested, the principal must sign a boarding pass to be given to the driver to include pertinent information such as:  bus number, student name, stop location and time frame for the change to take place.  Bus drivers are prohibited from accepting notes from the parent or guardian.  All deviations must be approved by the principal.

    The Wilson County Board of Education has authorized the establishment and utilization of 2/10 of a mile parent responsibility walk zones from a student’s home to an assigned bus pick-up and drop-off point. These walk zones are used to better utilize county equipment. Safety concerns with assigned pick-up and drop-off locations can be reported to the transportation department and will be investigated by the Director of Transportation who will have final say as to the location of bus stops.

    Wilson County Schools Transportation Department will not pick-up or drop-off student(s) at daycare centers on private property, or enter gated communities.