VLP 2021-2022 Grades 6-12 Registration Information

  • The deadline for registration for the Wilson County Schools Virtual Learning Program (“VLP”) for the School year 2021-22 was February 24, 2021, and enrollment in the VLP was closed at that time. Applications were reviewed by the district and students were accepted based on their academic history that would indicate success in the Virtual Program.Students may not be registered in the VLP after February 24, 2021, for the school year 2021-2022 except as stated in this Administrative Procedure.

    Parents seeking to enroll their student, or eligible students age 18 or over seeking to enroll themselves in the VLP for the school year 2021-2022 after February 24, 2021, or appeal the denial of enrollment into the VLP for 2021-2022 must submit a request to the appropriate Supervisor of Instruction. Requests must detail the reason for the request, with documentation of such reason included, and explain why the February 24, 2021 deadline for enrollment was not met. Requests that do not contain all of this information will not be granted. The decision of the Supervisor of Instruction shall be final. Visit VLP Appeal/Late Registration for more information on submitting a request.

VLP Resources 2020-2021

VLP Mission

  • Wilson County Schools Virtual Learning Program ensures a virtual environment in which every student develops high personal expectations, knowledge, and skills necessary to be successful.

Virtual Learning Program FAQ

  • Virtual Learning Program FAQs

    When do VLP classes start?

    Are Learning Coaches Required?

    • Required for Grades K-8 in the virtual setting.
    • Parents will need to stay informed of student's progress for all grade-levels K-12.

    Are there resources for Learning Coaches?

    • Yes, parents and/or Learning Coaches will be required to view several courses in Parent University prior to orientation.

    Will VLP schedules be the same as the district schedule?

    • Virtual learning schedules have been set-up to run independently of the regular school setting regardless of the district's model (Traditional/Hybrid/Remote). Students in the virtual setting will maintain a consistent schedule.

    What will virtual schedules look like?

    • Synchronous (learning at the same time) sessions will take place during school hours based on the teachers' teaching schedule.
    • Asynchronous (learning independently) lessons and activities will be loaded online for students to complete by the due dates.

    What about school supplies?

    • Virtual learners will receive a suggested list of school supplies during virtual orientation. Any other school-issued workbooks, textbooks, or resources will be provided when devices are issued at orientation.