Connect 4 Learning Curriculum Overview

  • In Pre-K, we use the Connect 4 Learning curriculum.  This curriculum offers practices and concepts to apply across math, science, literacy and social-emotional learning while preserving what is distinctive about each of them.

    C4L starts with sequences of science and math topics, while providing considerable time for literacy and social-emotional learning.  The content is not segmented.  Rather, you will find that most lessons support learning in more than one domain.

    In addition to domain-specific content, teachers work with thinking processes and goals that are consistent across all four domains:

    • Communicating and representing
    • Cooperating
    • Comparing and classifying
    • Creating, imagining, and innovating
    • Curiosity
    • Observing
    • Persisting, attending, and self-regulation
    • Reasoning and problem solving
    • Making sense
    • Using tools strategically