Department for Exceptional Children Mission Statement

      • To work in partnership with fellow educators to provide an individualized education program, through a continuum of services, focused on rigorous academic achievement, career skill development, and personal independence in order to empower students to become participants and contributing members of our community.

      Programs & Services

      • Through the Wilson County Department for Exceptional Children, students receive a wide variety of services as recommended by their IEP team members.  These services include, but are not limited to, the following:

        • Behavior And Discipline
        • Inclusion into regular classes
        • Comprehensive Development Classes 
        • Occupational/Physical Therapy
        • Gifted Classes
        • Resource Classes
        • Hearing Services
        • Speech/Language Therapy
        • Homebound Services
        • Transition Services
        • Vision Services

      Parental Rights

      • How to turn on Closed Captioning for YouTube Videos

        • How to turn on captioning in English or other languages:
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        • Click Subtitles/CC
        • Click Auto-Translate, scroll to pick your language.
          • Audio will be in English when the captioning is running in another language.                                                                                  
        • If you need to slow down the speech speed/captioning speed, click on playback speed in Settings.
        • If you need to turn off the captions, click CC again.

      Exceptional Education Department Hotline

      • Hotline 615-444-3282, ext. 7479

      Department for Exceptional Children Staff Directory

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